“The Year of Tolerance” Celebrated in Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa August7/2019 Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Addis Ababa celebrated “The Year of Tolerance” on Tuesday to promote the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence among cultures and various religions.

Religious leaders from Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Ethiopian Catholic Church and Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekene Yesus and senior government officials have presided over the celebration that aims to draw attention to global capital for tolerance.

On the occasion, Chargé d’Affaires at the embassy, Suood Al Tinji, said the ‘Year of Tolerance’ is the celebration of humanity that promotes efforts towards building global tolerance in respectful environment.

This year’s celebration focused on the endorsement of cultural, religious and political tolerance through dialogue, he said.

Noting that tolerance is vital for a healthy society to grow and develop he said, “We need tolerance in our time more than ever to sustain peace and for next generations to live in peace.”

He affirmed that the United Arab Emirates fully supports the efforts made by Ethiopian religious groups in sustaining peace and stability in the country.

Accordingly, the government of UAE decided to extend a financial support that worth 783,000 birr to the respective churches in persuading their contribution in peace building.

Cardinal Berhaneyesus Souraphiel, President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ethiopia, said the day is timely to celebrate the year of tolerance as it “brings peace and harmony among communities.

Mentioning the existing global conflicts, hate and displacement, the Cardinal said “these problems can be resolved by dialogue, tolerance, and supporting each other.”

Appreciating the efforts of the government for establishing Peace and Reconciliation Commission, Cardinal Berhaneyesus said “Tolerance needs more than ever in our country and the world”.

Representative of Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Aba Gebrahana Gebretsadik, said on his part “this celebration would create good opportunity for religious leaders to discuss the role of tolerance in sustaining peace, coexistence, unity and love in the community.”

He stressed that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is committed to work with other religious institutions in promoting issues of tolerance and peace.

Children and Youth Service Director at Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekene Yesus, Tsegahun Assefa said celebrating such events would play crucial role in understating the contribution of tolerance in peace making.

The UAE government announced that 2019 will be officially proclaimed the Year of Tolerance to strengthen the nation’s role of encouraging global stability and prosperity.