Nation Developing Umbrella Ethiopian Coffee Brand


Addis Ababa  August  5/2019 Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority announced that it is developing a national umbrella coffee brand to the international coffee market.

Speaking at a forum held today, Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority Director-General Adugna Debella said the authority has been developing a new umbrella Ethiopian coffee brand for the international market.

The national umbrella brand, Ethiopian Coffee, will enhance the weak brand promotion strategy of the sub-brands of Yirgacheffe, Harrar, and Sidamo coffee, he added.

According to the director-general, the Ethiopian Coffee brand has paramount importance for developing the coffee sector as it helps the country to decide and negotiate the price of coffee in the international market.

Intellectual Property Asset Development Director-General, Tadesse Worku said on his part the brand promotes the limited knowledge about Ethiopia for the majority global consumer.

It also enables to transform the consumption belief, value chain and competitive set of Ethiopian coffee through enhancing customer loyalty and recognition, he added.

The director-general noted that strong brand for Ethiopian coffee allows the country to charge premium and open the gate for new products.

Over 150 stakeholders attended the forum organized to create awareness and get input about the new umbrella brand, Ethiopian Coffee.