Gold Detector Devices Assembly Plant Goes Operational in Ethiopia


Addis Ababa August 5/2019 Gold detector devices assembly plant which helps artisans to explore gold has been inaugurated here in Addis Ababa today.

The plant owned by the Dubai based Al Hilali Group assembles the gold detector devices by partnering with Minelab Metal Detectors of Australia.

“The devices help artisan gold miners to explore wider areas in a modern way,” Mineral, Petroleum and Bio-fuel Corporation (EMPBC) CEO Mulugeta Seid said.

According to him, the use of these technologies by artisan miners would rescue the sharply falling earnings from gold in the past five years.

The corporation will supply the detectors to the youth with affordable service payments to create employment.

The assembled devices will be tested in real gold fields, the CEO added.

Minelab Metal Detectors President, Peter Charlesworth said the devices detect small nuggets and fine-threaded specimen gold in mineralized soils about a meter deeper.

According to him, his company started producing the detecting devices 30 years ago and is well experienced especially in gold detection around the world.

Al Hilali Group General Manager, Amged el-Rashid said the price for the different models of the detector devices ranges from 65,000 birr to 350,000 birr.

The devices are proved effective by artisan miners in six African countries, he stated.