Ethiopia Reiterates Commitment to Peacemaking in Sudan


Addis Ababa August  3/2019 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoF) reiterated that Ethiopia’s commitment to bring peace in Sudan will continue as the country has shown strong leadership and direct mediation between the Sudanese Transitional Military Council and opposition forces.

Sudan has been in the midst of a political crisis after an unprecedented public disobedience that toppled the long-serving ruler, President Omar al-Bashir, in April.

The Sudanese Transitional Military Council and the opposition Forces for Freedom and Change reached an agreement here in Addis Ababa on the political declaration for the transitional period as they will continue talks on the disputed constitution.

In this regard, Ethiopia’s mediation was important since the country has been accepted by all forces in Sudan politics to reach this political agreement, Nebiyat Getachew, Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs told ENA.

“Since the beginning of the political crisis in Sudan, Ethiopia has been closely following the situation and was immediately on the ground to support the restoration of peace in the country. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s proposal was accepted by the military and the opposition on June 7, 2019,” he said.

Forces for Freedom and Change and the TMC agreed in the middle of July to hold consultative meeting on a draft text which is highly anticipated to bring a new chapter towards achieving peace for the Sudanese people.

Noting that Ethiopia’s role was pivotal in the process of bringing about the political declaration for transition, Nebiyat stated that it would bring about relative stability in Sudan.

“From the very beginning Ethiopia’s proposal of arbitration was different and prioritized Sudanese sovereignty and the interest of the people. That is why the efforts brought fruitful results,” according to the spokesperson.

He added that the people of Sudan have expressed their gratitude to Ethiopia after the political agreement was signed.

“One of the manifestations of the agreement is the swift response from Sudanese people. Following the agreement, many youth and people crowded into streets in Khartoum to celebrate the outcome. Similarly, the negotiators from both sides appreciated Ethiopia’s role during the negotiation process,” he pointed out.

Now, the issue is transformed into the next episode that would enable it to ensure lasting peace and security in Sudan. We all wish Sudan’s problem would be solved and the country will enter into stability.”

Ethiopia’s support for inclusive talks between the parties will continue as Sudan is a critical partner, neighbor and sister country, the spokesperson stressed.

Briefing the media last Friday, State Minister Hirut Zemene said Ethiopia made laudable job in order to bring together Sudanese forces to bring lasting solution.

“When Sudan was plunged into a political crisis, IGAD, the African Union and the international community were vigilantly following the situation. As a neighboring country, Ethiopia was not indifferent spectator. The prime minster immediately brought the ruling military council and FFC, which laid a foundation to the current political accord.”

In this regard, Ambassador Mohamoud Dirir has been assigned as a special envoy to shuttle to assist the parties to hold their talks in good faith, she stated.

According to her, the peace process of Sudan is progressing well and Ethiopia will give the necessary support to enable all forces to sort out their differences by themselves.

Efforts to bring lasting peace in Sudan is being accelerated in the spirit of solving African problems by Africans through the joint efforts of Ethiopia and the AU.