Ministry Launches Online System to Enhance Interaction with Businesses


Addis Ababa August 1/2019 Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has introduced online system which enhances the interaction between the government and businesses.

Mines and Petroleum State Minister, Assefa Kumsa said the system will allow the companies to interact with the ministry online without physical contact from abroad and inside the country.

The system integrated with regional states will help save time and finance, he added.

Explaining that the new system called “Landfolio” is different from the previous ‘FlexiCadastre’, the state minister stated that it will play important role in making licenses of companies accurate and identifying easily the problems faced in the sector.

Project Officer, Fistum Assefa said on his part the system is expected to improve transparency and confidence, and to provide effective services in the sector.

It will also help to promote mineral resources through providing information in the country, he added.

The system is prepared by the Government of Ethiopia in collaboration with the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute.