Diaspora Professionals Training Government Employees on Project Management


Addis Ababa August 1/2019 Ethiopian Diaspora professionals working in different organizations abroad are giving training that mainly focuses on project management to government employees.

The professionals have come from different fields, including engineering, ICT, law, technology, finance, investment, management and other areas through Teach and Serve for Africa (TASFA), a Washington-based nonprofit organization, which is dedicated to leveraging the diasporas knowledge and experience.

The three-day workshop which opened today provides training for close to 1,000 civil servants from different institutions, including Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Innovation and Technology and other public development agencies under the theme “Bring Minds Together, Bridge the Gap.”  

Speaking to ENA, TASFA Public Relation Officer Samson Demise said “we are working to create the language of project management that is in high demand in Ethiopia.”

He noted that the organization wants “project management to be leveraged and known by Ethiopians who are practicing in different project executions.”

According to him, over 1,000 Ethiopians had received project management training at the end of 2018.