Green Legacy Campaign Demonstrates Ability to Overcome Problems when United: Oromia Deputy Chief Administrator


Addis Ababa ENA July 30/2019 The Green Legacy Campaign has demonstrated the ability of Ethiopians to overcome any problem when they are united, Oromia Regional State Deputy Chief Administrator Shimelis Abdissa said.

Over 212 million tree seedlings were planted only in Oromia Regional State yesterday.

In his press briefing yesterday,  the deputy chief administrator said the enthusiasm of the public and the success registered are demonstrations of   unity.

Shimelis thanked the inhabitants of the regional state for their zeal and determination.

The accomplishment of the plan also shows the fact that Ethiopians can achieve development by overcoming any problem as long as they stand together in sprit of unison.

The deputy chief administrator urged his fellow countrymen to work hard to replicate the victory in planting tree seedlings in other sectors.

This kind of unity could be a power to solve economic and social problems in the country and strive towards creating a developed Ethiopia, he noted.

Furthermore, Shimelis also underlined that leaders at all levels of the regional state should continue working with commitment for the development of the country.