Ethio-Sudan Border Area Heads Stress Need for Concerted Efforts to Resolve Issues


Addis Ababa July 30/2019 Concerted efforts and coordination are essential to resolve issues that arise in border areas of Ethiopia and Sudan, Head of the Ethiopian Consular Office in Gedaref, Sudan, said.

Consular Office Head at the Ethiopian Consulate in Gedaref, Ambassador Alemayohu Wondimagegn told ENA that priority is given to ensure security at border areas in order to sustain socio-economic cooperation between the countries.

Border area administrators have great role to play than the central governments in safeguarding peace and security, he added.

According to the head, Dinder, Eastern Galabat, Bursha and Bosonda of Gedaref State bordering West Gondar Zone of Ethiopia should in particular work in cooperation to maintain sustainable peace and development in the border areas.

Ambassador Alemayohu, who noted the growing relations of Ethiopia and Sudan, pointed out that their cooperation “in times of crisis demonstrates how strong the bondage between the two countries is.”

Chief Administrator of Bursha Zone, Abdulkasim Ibrahim said on his part “we will take responsibility to strengthen the bilateral relationship and people-to-people ties between the countries.”

He further stated that administrators and representatives of bordering areas should work together in close coordination to combat encroachment on farm lands and arms trafficking.

Western Gondar Zone Administrator, Adebabay Mulugeta pointed out that it will discuss with the bordering administrators of Bursh to strengthen the people-to-people relationship.

Some 98 cattle taken forcefully to Sudan were returned to Ethiopian owners as a result of the cooperation between the zones, it was learned.

It is to be recalled that 26 delegates from Sudan have taken part in the national tree seedlings campaign that took place yesterday.