Ethiopia Smashes World Record by Planting Over 353 Million Trees a Day


Addis Ababa ENA July 29/2019 Ethiopia has set a new world record after planting 353,633,660 million tree saplings smashing the preceding world record for most trees planting in a day.

Forest Monitor and EcoWatch shows that the world record has been held by the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, after 1.5million volunteers planted more than 66 million tree saplings in just12 hours along the Narmada River for years before.

Ethiopia has launched whopping tree planting campaign targeting to plant 200 million trees saplings in a single day to surpass the world record.

The country has executed its commitment after planting than 353,633,660 trees saplings in 12 hours, which significantly surpass the previous record of 66 million trees set by India in 2017.

According to Ministerial Steering committee in charge of facilitating the initiative, more than 2.6 billion trees have so far been planted in almost all parts of the country.

The “Green legacy”, which was officially initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on May 26, 2019, is a national 4 billion trees planting project aims to t reduce the impact of climate change and promote afforestation.  

Millions of people are participating all over the country in the campaign that started early this morning.

Ethiopia ranks third in planting trees since 2006 of the Billion Tree Campaign, which was launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in response to the challenges of global warming, as well as to a wider array of sustainability challenges from water supply to biodiversity loss.

So, the massive planting of trees saplings has a paramount significance beyond the economic magnitude, which would help to mitigate the impacts of climate change as Ethiopia is one the countries at risk of prevalent drought.