MIDROC Inaugurates Modern Supermarket in Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa ENA July 23/2019 A modern supermarket built with about 38 million birr at Kolfe Keranyo Sub-city in Addis Ababa was inaugurated today. 

Opening the Queen’s Supermarket, which is a member of MIDROC Technology Group, CEO Arega Yirdaw said the supermarket is of international standard and its annual sales is estimated at 75 million  birr.

He  stated that the supermarket has created 50 jobs.

According to Arega, the supermarket has gas station, parking lot, bank, and car wash service.

The installation of sufficient industrial ventilation fans to creates conducive shopping situations for customers, the availability of modern cold stores and sufficient and comfortable rest rooms for customers and employees are some of the unique features and amenities of Queen’s Supermarket at Keranyo Plaza, the CEO elaborated.

Queen’sSupermarket was established to wholesale and retail all kinds of agro-industry products, agricultural products, seafood, personal care and detergents, canned products beverages and manufactured merchandises, it was learned.