Experts Stress Need for Well Structured Planning, Institution to Achieve Productive Forestry Dev’t


Addis Ababa July 17/ 2019 Well structured forestry program and the quality of seedling species as well as an institution responsible for their nurture are crucial for campaigns to succeed, experts in the sector said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the international consultant on forest Azene Bekele said it is very important that Ethiopia embarked on massive tree seedlings planting campaign.

However, “planting seedlings without well structured, well networked and well thought out program is not a solution by itself,” he added.

The quality of seedlings should be considered seriously as the end product is what matters. The questions whether the specific seedling planted is for use as timber, ornament, or medicine should be clearly stated, the consultant noted.

The type of utility determines the species raised at nursery, the consultant said, adding that this must be part of the equation in raising seedlings.

The planting must be sequentially scheduled and “we must plan the planting in view of the harvesting schedule,” he pointed out.

Moreover, Azene stressed the need for an institution which could take care of all these.

According to him, there are 18 agro-climatic zones in Ethiopia and these require different habitat. “So you have to be very careful where you plant trees.”

Environment and Forest Institute Senior Researcher Wubalem Tadesse said on his part that the country has a forest development strategy which has not been implemented. “To do this, accountable and responsible institution is needed,” he stated.

According to Wubalem, there is no strong forest development institution in Ethiopia. The current forest development activities are disorganized.

He urged the government to establish a responsible party or institution for forestry development.