UK Pledges 250 Mn Pounds for Climate in Sub-Saharan Africa


Addis Ababa July 15/2019 UK International Development Secretary has announced a 250-million-pound package to help sub-Saharan Africa deal with climate change and move away from fossil fuels over the next five years, a UK government press release said.

During a two-day visit to Kenya, International Development Secretary Rory Stewart said this is the department’s biggest ever single direct aid investment in climate and the environment across Africa.

Over the next five years, the new 250 million UK aid package would ensure UK expertise and experience can help developing countries become more climate resilient and move away from fossil fuels onto cleaner energy sources, he added.

The support will help the countries to build resilience to climate change and develop low carbon economies, Stewart pointed out.

African nations are responsible for just 2 to 3% of global emissions, but the continent is set to be the worst affected by the devastating impacts of climate change.

The Increasing temperatures and extreme weather across the continent are having a profound impact on the lives and livelihood of communities.

“We must all play our part to protect the environment, wildlife, vulnerable families and communities, and this includes investing in renewable energy,” the secretary stressed.

According to the release, the UK is working with African nations to deliver an ambitious move to efficient, low carbon technologies.

At present, an estimated 600 million Africans do not have access to electricity.