PM Urges Graduates to Serve Nation, Foreign Graduates Laud Quality of Education at AAU


Addis Ababa July 13/2019 Prime Minster Abiy called on all university graduates to serve the uneducated who paid for their education by cultivating the spirit of giving and serving.

 Speaking at the graduation ceremony held at Addis Ababa University today, he noted that love, giving, and serving are the principles they should hold to serve the country.

In his speech, Abiy revealed that consistent with its principle of giving and serving, his government has been renovating over 400 schools, 10 hospitals, and more than 1000 homes of the weak in the capital city this rainy season alone.

Besides, he stated that exercise books and uniforms are readied to be distributed to more than 600,000 students in the coming academic year.

Education is a beginning not an end, PM Abiy noted, adding that all should therefore strive to expand their knowledge.

The premier finally underscored that the graduates must never negotiate and compromise over the sovereignty of Ethiopia. 

Among the 9637 graduates of the Addis Ababa University, there are foreigners who completed their education successfully.  

Some 30 foreigners from the Africa Center of Excellence for Water Management alone have graduated today, according to sources from the university.

Among them, MsC graduate Wantono Francis said the quality of education at the university is commendable as it has professors and lecturers with highly profile. That can make Ethiopia attract many students from aboard.

African students who study here will also have exposure to many things as the country is seat of the AU and many international organizations.

Other students, who graduated from Institute of Peace and Security Studies (IPSS), have similarly expressed satisfaction with the quality of education they received.

A Masters program graduate from the department, Jestina Mukoko said she received a good education during the period of one year.

According to her, peace and security education is very important for African students as the continent has many complicated peace problems.

“ And the Department of Institute of Peace and Security Studies at Addis Ababa University is the right place which gives better education,” Mukoko noted.

The Zimbabwean further stated that there were many students from different parts of Africa, saying that helped to exchange different experiences for the future.

Another IPSS graduate from Tanzania, Eskaka Mugasa said Addis Ababa University has many best professional lecturers that would attract many foreign students who want to receive quality education.

The self-sponsored said,“I think Ethiopia is the best place for study, if the country continues to improve some bureaucracy related problems like visa process.”