American Astronaut Says Ethiopia Has Opportunity to be Player in Space Realm


Addis Ababa July 9/2019 NASA Astronaut Daniel Tani said Ethiopia has opportunity to be a player in global space science in the future.

In his motivational presentation for elementary, high school and university students today, he said “I am optimistic that Ethiopia will have astronomers in the future since different fields in space science are being given at university level.”

Tani, who traveled to space in 2001, highlighted how his life was in space station and his work right there.

The American astronaut advised the children participants, who aspire to be astronauts in the future, to work hard in the fields of engineering, math and physics.

One of the participants, Yonas Tadesse said this was “super inspirational presentation that has induced the minds of those who want to be astronauts.”

Ethiopian Space Science Society brought astronaut Tani in collaboration with the American Embassy in Ethiopia.