Amhara Regional Party Dismisses Rumor, Going to Elect Leaders that Replace Martyrs


Addis Ababa July 8/2019 The Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) dismissed today the existence of differences among its ranks and revealed that preparations are underway to replace the prominent martyred leaders.

Briefing local journalists, ADP Chairperson Demeke Mekonnen urged on foreign and domestic bodies that are spreading the erroneous narrative of division within the leadership as there will not be space to serve such interest both from the public and the party.

The failed coup attempt in Bahir Dar on June 22, 2019 by massacring the top regional leadership was aimed at destroying the governing Amhara Democratic Party and the administration.

Appreciating the inhabitants of the region for holding the culprits accountable, he pointed out that the attack was planned to demolish the prevailing system and seize power.

The chairperson stressed that political forum in the region is still open to different voices from any section of the society as long as they comply with the law and are peaceful.

The martyrs were among the leaders who brought about change in the country, he stated, adding that the party is working to fill the vacant positions of the regional Chief Administrator, his advisor, and the Attorney General soon; though it would be difficult to replace the invaluable leaders.

Demeke finally called on the people of the region to stop lamenting over the death of the brave leaders and stand in unison to move forward.

According to him, everyone need to stop debating on trivial agendas and focus on realizing the reform that came through invaluable cost of lives.