Ethiopia to Generate 3 million Jobs Next Year


Addis Ababa July 8/2019 Ethiopia has envisaged to generate three million jobs next year to lower the unemployment rate, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.
Addressing the questions raised by members of the parliament on budget approval on Monday, the Premier reiterated his commitment to handle unemployment rate through holistic approach.

The government has a plan to aggressively enhance the investment on agriculture, energy and mining and attracting more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which would help to reduce unemployment, he added.

As part of the holistic approach the government has a plan to send some people overseas, particularly to Middle East and Japan, he pointed out.

Prime Minister Abiy revealed that Ethiopia has reached an agreement with the government of United Arab Emirates (UEA) to dispatch some 50, 000 Ethiopian professional to Dubai next year.

Moreover, he said expectation management to be delivered for university and college students prior to their graduation.

This would enable them to look for the possible ways through which the students will figure out how they could generate their own job after graduation, he added.

The overall unemployment rate in Ethiopia ranges 11 million, according to the Prime Minister and his government is striving to create three million new jobs next year to curtail the increasing trend.