Ambassador Alemayehu Presents Credentials to President Putin


Addis Ababa July 4/2019 The newly posted Ethiopian Ambassador to Russia Alemayehu Tegenu has presented his credentials to Vladimir Putin, kicking off his diplomatic mission in the country, with a firm pledge to strengthen relations.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Alemayehu presented the credentials on Thursday, in a ceremony held at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow.  

Speaking at the occasion, Ambassador Alemayehu Tegenu said he will remain devoted to his mission of promoting a long-aged bilateral relationship and economic ties between Ethiopia and Russia.

President Vladimir Putin said on his part Ethiopia and Russia have over a century of diplomatic and bilateral relation and his country is committed to cement the all-round ties including in the global and regional issues.

Noting that Russia is open to mutually beneficial cooperation with all states without exception based on equality and respect for each other’s interests, Putin pledged “our country is  wholeheartedly interested in the success of your efforts, and Russia will certainly provide all-round assistance to your  positive initiatives.”