ADP Vow to Take Measures on Participants of Failed Coup


Addis Ababa June 29/2019 Strong legal measures will be taken upon all groups and individuals who took part in the failed coup attempt in Amhara regional state, ADP, the governing party in the region announced.

In its communique issued following its urgent meeting held yesterday in Bahir Dar, ADP Central Committee said most of the individuals involved in the conspiracy have already apprehended with the unreserved commitment of security forces and the public.

The CC make an urgent meeting in connection to the coup attempt that took the lives of the Chief Administrator of the region, his advisor, and the regional attorney general last Saturday.

In its communique, the party affirmed that hunting down the remaining individuals and groups who are suspected of involving in the conspiracy will pursue in strengthened manner.

Furthermore, the communique indicated that comprehensive works will be done to ensure lasting peace and security in the region.

ADP called upon its leaders, members and the general public to stand in unison than ever in order to surpass the prevailing situation.

Meanwhile, the party urged groups that are trying to cover and undermine the attacks and the crime through deliberately spreading erroneous information to refrain from such acts.

It is to be recalled that, the chief of staff of the defense forces and top leadership of the regional government including the chief administrator were shot and killed in the June 22 coup attempt.

The government said that Brigadier General Asamenew Tsige, who was head of the regional peace and security, is the mastermind of the conspiracy.