Project to Improve Court System Launched


Addis Ababa June 29/2019 The Federal Attorney General has launched a three-year project to improve the court system including its independence, neutrality and accountability.

During the launching ceremony held today in Addis Ababa, Federal Supreme Court President Meaza Ashenafi said the project will run in line to the ongoing reforms within the justice system.

“The project will focus on three major areas, namely independence, neutrality and accountability as well as ensuring quick service delivery and accessibility of the justice system,” she added.

Meaza pointed out that the project, by prioritizing in the problematic working systems of the court, is expected to bring effective result in a short time.

Competence based appointment of judges, improving structural arrangement of courts, ensuring proper flow of court cases, fulfillment of infrastructure, making use of research and studies are part of the three year project, she stated.

Abebe Mulatu, who presented the project to the stakeholders, stated that Ethiopia ranked among the lowest in terms of provision of justice.

To minimize this hurdle, Abebe said that ensuring independence of judges and making it institutional, as well as financial independence will be among the activities to be conducted through the project.

Recalling that many improvement projects fail in early stages, participants stressed that due attention should be given to bear the desired results from the three-year project.

They also emphasized that building the publics’ trust on the justice system, which currently is at the lowest level, has to be included in the project.