Ministry Warns Possible Threats of Locusts


Addis Ababa June 27/2019 Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Resources warned farmers today to remain vigilant on possible threat of swarm of locusts during this rainy season.

Briefing journalists, Ministry Plant Conservation Director Zebdios Salato said fragmented swarm of mature locusts have entered parts of the country.

He assured farmers that the mature locusts do not inflict damage on the crops right now.

The mature female locusts will, however, give birth to grasshoppers that need 40 days to mature, the director said, adding that these grasshoppers would inflict heavy loss on crops.

Therefore, Zebdios urged farmers to kill the mature locusts, especially in the morning, since locusts are cold blooded animals that need sunlight for some hours to fly.

He revealed that the locusts are currently spreading to Oromia, Somali, Afar, Amhara and Tigray regional states as well as the surroundings of Diredawa Administration.