Media Forum Established to Strengthen Anti-Doping Fight


Addis Ababa June 27/2019 The Ethiopian National Anti-Doping Office (ETH-NADO) has established media forum today with the objective of strengthening awareness on Anti-Doping and creating doping free environment in all sports.

The forum, which comprises of sport journalists from private and public media houses, will deal with anti-doping informative coverage.

Institutions like World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) defined doping as the taking of banned substances or using prohibited methods to enhance or maintain sporting performance and is prohibited in sports.

Ethiopia’s National Anti-Doping Organizations (ETH-NADOs) responsible for testing national athletes in- and out-of-competition, as well as athletes from other countries competing within that nation’s borders is working in line with WADA’s anti-doping rules violations.

After taking thorough risk assessment, ETH-NADO has identified athletics, football, cycling, boxing and Paralympics as the priority for anti-doping engagement in the country.

During the occasion, ETH-NADO Board Chairperson Professor Aklilu Azazh said Ethiopia is among the top African countries in combating doping in organized and standardized way.

The office has filled Code Compliance Questionnaire and it can be concluded that Ethiopia is in better position in promoting clean sport and ensuring the rights of athletes to compete in doping free sporting environment, he added.  

ETH-NADO Director-General, Mekonnen Yidersal said that the media forum will provide timely information on doping which is threatening sport, especially athletics thereby bringing about social campaign on the issue.

Stating that the globally growing tendency of doping is putting every sports results in doubt, Mekonnen noted that his office is working on including anti-doping in educational curriculum.

Ethiopia, which is considered as one of Africa’s athletics power house, has penalized 9 athletes for doping and 2 pharmacies for selling drugs related to doping.

Mentioning that Abebe Bikila had won the marathon gold medal with barefoot, the Director stressed that Ethiopia is firm and determined to protect its global respect of doping free sports.