Committee Starts Investigating Bahir Dar, Addis Ababa Attacks


Addis Ababa June 24/2019 Federal Police Commission today announced that a committee has been established to thoroughly investigate a “coup attempt” made in the city of Bahir Dar and assassination of the Chief of Staff and another senior army general.

Briefing journalists, Federal Police Commissioner, Endashaw Tasew said the incident was characterized as an attack on the constitution, assassination of the chief of staff and his associate in an “attempted coup”. 

Police is reportedly committed to finding out all perpetrators of the criminal act and besieged them, he pointed out.

The three Amhara Regional State officials, including Chief Administrator Ambachew Mekonnen and Army Chief, General Seare Mekonnen were gun down by their guards on Saturday whereby both assailants committed suicide.

The attack could have led the country to chaos, Commissioner Endashaw said, and noted but due to the swift response from the security forces the situation was effectively controlled within an hour. 

He added that both the Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar attackers had the same insidious missions. 

According to the Commissioner, the assassination of the chief of staff was aimed at dismantling the country’s strong defense forces.

The region’s peace and order has now returned to normalcy and hunting down of the suspects has continued, he said, and urged the public to coordinate with the security forces as ever in exposing individuals involved in the attack. 

The assault has claimed the life of top officials including Chief of Staff of the Defense Forces, General Seare Mekonen, Chief Administrator of  Amhara Regional State, Ambachew Mekonnen and his Advisor Ezez Wase as well as the region’s Attorney-General, Migbaru Kebede and retired General Gezaie Abera.