Amhara Chief Administrator, His Advisor Killed in Coup D’état Attempt


Addis  Ababa July 23/2019    Amhara regional government chief administrator, Dr Ambachew Mewkonen and his advisor Ezez Wase were killed in a coup d’état attempt last night, the regional administration said.

The chief administrator and his advisor were attacked in the middle of a meeting with regional high level officials by a group led by General Asaminew Tsige, head of the regional security.

The group has also wounded the attorney general of the regional government, Migbaru Kebede, according to the press release sent to ENA.      

The attack, which was carried out yesterday around 5pm, is part of the failed coup d’état attempt.

Most of the individuals who were involved in the attacks are apprehended and the regional special force is working to arrest the remaining perpetrators, the release said.