Jewish NGO Provides Free Medical Treatment for More Than 8,000 Patients


Addis Ababa June 21/2019 Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI) has reportedly provided free medical treatment for over 8,000 patients over the last five days.

The medical support included minor surgery, dermatology, physiotherapy, gynecology, and eye treatments, it was learned.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, JVMI Country Director Dr. Adane Berassa said it has been providing free medical service for Ethiopian communities during the past 20 years.

“We know that it is very difficult for the community to buy medicine and the socio-economic status in the Ketchene area in Addis Ababa. So we have come to serve the community, and to date we have treated about 8,200 people in different departments,” he added.

The total cost of the week-long free medical service rendered by the Jewish Voice Ministries International includes distribution of corrective eye-glasses estimated to be over 4 million birr, the country director stated.

According to him, JVMI has been empowering health professionals in Ethiopia and will continue building their capacity.

JVMI Global Outreach Vice-President, Ezra Watnik said “the objective is to help partner with the government in filling the gap by providing medical, dental, and eye care to those who may not access or afford it.”

Appreciating the tremendous improvement in the general medical care and access of communities to public facilities, Watnik noted “we still see a tremendous need for specialty care like gynecology, dermatology, eye care and especially eye surgery.”

The Jewish Voice Ministries International will partner with local medical professionals and the government to conduct research to understand the real needs and to come alongside, he added.

Watnik said, “We have been here for 20 years since 1999 and we hope to be here for another 20 years as long as there are people in need that we can serve with excellence. Our objective is to continue to do that.”