Ethiopians Urged to Safeguard Reform


Addis Ababa June 20/2019 Scholars have urged Ethiopians to take lesson from the missed opportunities in their recent to change the country and ensure the success of the current political reform in Ethiopia.

Speaking to ENA, Gashaw Ayeferam, a lecturer at Debre Birhan University said Ethiopia had missed many ‘golden opportunities’ since the coup d’etat in December 1961.

“When I look at the Ethiopian history of nation building, I really regret that we failed on those. The never ending conflictual ambitions and spirits have failed to create a viable democratic state,” the researcher underscored.   

Those missed chances created new dictators who are more brutal and repressive than even their predecessors, he noted.

Appreciating the measures taken since the beginning of the reform, Gashaw pointed out the  fundamental steps, including the release of political detainees and the normalization of relations with Eritrea.

However, the researcher also mentioned the sharp increase in lawlessness, local conflicts, heightened identity-based violence and huge internal displacement which have become a common feature of the reform.

The government has to safeguard the democratic reform, he said, adding that “ Ethiopia has got one more golden opportunity and we need to take lesson from our past in order to see a better future.”

Wollo University President, Abate Getahun said on his part the current leadership of the country has a historical responsibility to save the country from tyranny and usher in a democratic state.

Noting that the world is in an information age, the president stated that the spread of fake news, disinformation, and hate speech have nonetheless put Ethiopian unity under question mark.

The current havoc and disruptions are instigated by conflict entrepreneurs in universities and many parts of the country. These have to be addressed swiftly, Abate urged.

Condemning the aggressive communication in the social media to undermine the reform, he underlined that ethical and strong media management are imperative for the present day Ethiopia.