Eritrean High Delegation Paid Visit to Ethiopia


Addis Ababa June20/2010 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed received Eritrean Minister of Foreign Affairs, Osman Salah and Yemane Gebreaab Advisor for President Esayas Afeworki at his office in Addis Ababa.

The two officials delivered the condolence from President Esayas Afeworki upon the death of Prime Minister Abiy’s father.

The Eretrian high level delegation discussed with the prime minister on ways and means of strengthening the diplomatic relations re-established between the two countries a year ago.

Saying that the diplomatic relations between the two countries is in full progress, Yemane Gebreaab Advisor for President said that they discussed on ways of furthering this relation.

Noting that building peace needs time, the Advisor said Eritrea is ready to enhance the relationship.

Prime Minister Abiy and the members of the Eritrean delegation planted trees in the compound of the Office of the Prime Minister.