EPRDF Sets Directions on Political Issues, Measures to be Taken


Addis Ababa June 18/2019 The Executive Committee of Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Party (EPRDF) has set directions on measures that would be taken next with regard to the current political situation of the country, according to Office of the Council of EPRDF.

The committee discussed yesterday the year long political activities, the current national political situation and issues that require attention next. Though considerable achievements have been registered in the past one year, security issues, lack of leadership determination, the mix-up of journalism or activism and journalism are observed. The Executive Committee underscored that as the lack of determination on the part of the leadership has been preventing the ability to nip problems in the bud and make them manifest different forms, this should be quickly resolved. The leadership at every level should also solve problems based on principle and respecting the law.

The committee, which has identified the main problem of these problems as the surfacing of big national challenges that arose from the political problems of the country simultaneously, stated that the challenges are lack of existence of neutral and competent government institutions, absence of joint agreement/consensus on crucial national issues as well as lack of strong effective government administration. It has extensively examined fundamental questions with regard to state, regional state, and democratic system building that are up front and needing urgent solution.

The Executive Committee of Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Party, which assessed the challenges that have created problems in building multi party system, discussed the contribution of the activities of strong competing political parties and civil association for building a democratic system. Although political space has been wide open for competing parties following the reform, additional works are required for the consolidation of the multi party system.

Since strong civic associations are crucial for building democratic system, and by taking into consideration the objective reality of the country, further work is needed in this respect, the committee underlined.

The committee also dwelt on measures EPRDF as a competing governing party should take toward strengthening multiparty system and steps to be taken in connection with the upcoming election.

The committee pointed out that as the comprehensive reform undertaken by the country is to build a united democratic country through building a democratic system with neutral institutions, conducting a successful and credible election takes the country to the objective set. Working for a democratic system and successful election is, therefore, a must, it underlined.