Ethiopia to Continue Its Support for Peace, Stability in Sudan


Addis Ababa June 18/ 2019 Ethiopia will continue its support for the peace and stability of Sudan with due respect to the sovereignty and interest of the country, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

In his media briefing today, Ministry Spokesperson, Nebiyat Getachew said Ethiopia will continue to support peaceful resolution of the situation in Sudan.

Ethiopia has been calling upon Sudanese parties to resolve their differences and the recent crisis through peaceful means, according to Nebiyat.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has recently visited Sudan on mediation mission. One of the main points of the mediation efforts in Sudan was the talks he held with the military and protest leaders.

Abiy assigned Ambassador Mohamoud Dirir as his Special Envoy to shuttle between the two sides to assist the parties resume talks in points of previously started discussions and negotiations.

The meetings with the respective sides brought suspension of sit in protests and resumption of talks as of June 11.

The two sides have also agreed to refrain from inflammatory statements and de-escalate tensions.