PM Abiy Meet Opposition Leaders to Solicit Inputs on NEBE Board Nominees


Addis Ababa June 9/2019 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed yesterday held discussions with leaders of political parties to seek inputs on the proposed nominees for the Board of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE).

The discussion came after the committee that tasked to identify potential individuals, who will serve as board members of the NEBE, announced eight nominees.

Megabi Zerihun Degu Mengiste, Melaku Sibhat Bedane, Wubshet Ayele Gete, Berhane Moges Fikr, Demoze Mame, Mrs. Bizuwork Ketete, Dr Getahun Kassa and Abera Degefu Negawo, are the nominees.

According to Office of the Prime Minister, the discussion is aimed at soliciting inputs on the candidates, before presenting to the parliament.

A shortlist of four candidates is expected to be presented for the House of Peoples’ Representatives next week for the approval.