Ethiopia’s Trees Planting Initiative Critical in Restoring Forest Resources: WFP


Addis Ababa June 5/2019  The 4 billion Trees Planting Initiative is critical for Ethiopia which had lost billions of trees and forest resources over years, says World Food Program (WFP).

According to WFP Deputy Country Director to Ethiopia, Paul Turnbull, the initiative is significant to restore the trees that are lost in the past due to enduring forest degradation and climate change.

Paul Turnbull told ENA that there need to be a program that can restore forest resources the country has lost over the past decades due to various reasons .

He added that so many trees are being lost for firewood, charcoal, building and animal feed and “We need to keep planting the trees to recover lost forest resources”.

In view of that, the initiative to plant seedlings on the upcoming rainy season is “a fantastic initiative” which can bring balance and protect the natural resources.

He emphasized on the need to plant seedlings and underlined on the stern consequences such as losing air pollution, depletion of natural resources, and unmanageable erosion if planting will not continue.

The national 4 billion trees planting project officially launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is set to mobilize national reforestation program of planting 40 tree seedlings per head.

Some 4 billion trees slated are expected to be planted in the summer across the country.