Youth Urged to Maintain Iconic Sources of Ethiopian Unity


Addis Ababa June 5/2019 Ethiopian youth and the new generation have to count and well maintain the iconic continental and globally recognized assets of unity in the country, an expert said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA Haileyesus Abate senior expert at Ethiopian National Museum said Ethiopia is the sources of notable natural, historical and man-made assets which could be even the source of unity for the rest of the World.

“Ethiopia is the origin of humankind.  Lucy ties the whole world together. The so called ethnicity, race, religion among others are just man-made. So, we have an iconic source of unity,” he stated.

The fights against foreign aggressors and the whole victorious are the cumulative assets of Ethiopians across the nation regardless of ethnicity, race and religion. He added “For instance, when we take the victory of Adwa, it is the symbol of the pride of the whole black people across the world”.

The lack of promoting such assets resulted to witness the recent odd intentions and racism related backward attitudes, according to the expert.

“The new generation has to respect the country`s history, culture, religion among others which could make Ethiopia unique. In one way or another, the influence of globalization is huge. Since we have received just as it is, it is another default. We have to work on how to contextualize it”.

For this to be a reality, the government, religious fathers, elders schools among others have to be played their critical role in a sustainable manner.

 “Our narrations have been focused on hunting out on the weakness of the past. We have to balance our narrations and focuses on the lessons we have to take rather than singling out mistakes made in the past. So, all stakeholders have to seat together and work on it,” he stressed.

State Minister of Culture and Tourism, Buzena Alkadir, said the tourism industry has to play its critical role on settling conflicts and bound unity in the country alongside other major contributions.

“Strengthening unity, strengthening and believing in Ethiopianism, believing in national patriotism, resolving problems through forbearing each other are massive assets”.

It is noted that Ethiopian youth had worked in a spirit of unity whenever issues or problems of national interest turn up and the youth have carried out multifaceted activities during various historic moments to maintain national unity.