PM Abiy Congratulates Sidamas for New Year Celebration


Addis Ababa  May  30/2019 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent a congratulatory message to the Sidama people on the occasion of Fitche Chambalala, a New Year celebration marked starting from today.

In his congratulatory message, the Prime Minister admired the wisdom among the Sidama elders in which they were able to effectively calculate the traditional calendar down to milliseconds.

PM Abiy added that “this would further enhance our respect and love for the Sidama elders.”

He said the entire people of Ethiopia “full heartedly” love the celebration and as always will jointly celebrate the traditional New Year with the Sidama peoples.

He wished sustained peace, love, and unity and reaffirmed his admiration, respect and heartfelt appreciation for the Sidama people and for all those who mark the occasion of Firch Chambalala.