Political Parties Elect 5 Panelists to Facilitate Dialogue


Addis Ababa May 24/2019 Political parties have elected five panelists who will facilitate dialogue and consultations among political parties, at the helm of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE). 

The Panelists have been elected based on their political neutrality, professional backgrounds and their experience in public discussion and services.

Accordingly, Dr. Semir Yesuf, Dr. Shiferaw Muleta, Amha Mekonnen, Henok Aklilu and Dr. Tilaye Kassahun are the panelists who were chosen to facilitate parties’ dialogues.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has pledged to make the upcoming election free, fair and credible, which he anticipates will be the culmination of the democratic reform he has championed.  

In view of that the NEBE today held discussion with various political parties on the national elections due for 2020.

Moreover, the political parties proposed major discussion agendas including political issues, election board and its engagement, election 2020, federalism and constitution, improving democratic institutions, national reconciliation and foreign policy.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia has been undertaking a far-reaching reform that widening the political space and allowing political parties to engage in extensive dialogue.