Medical Companies, University Sign MoU to Facilitate Introduction of Early Cancer Treatment Technology to Ethiopia


Addis Ababa May 23/2019 Chinese and Ethiopian medical companies as well as Addis Ababa University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that aims at scaling up the capacity of professionals in managing an advanced medical technology which identifies cancer at early stage.

Representatives of the Chinese companies CIRC and Neusoft Medical system and the Ethiopian company WMG PLC as well as Addis Ababa University signed the MoU today.

Importing the technology and utilizing it properly and sustainably is crucial, the MoU noted, adding that training professionals on how to utilize the technology and provide technical support related to the new experience becomes essential to realize the target.

WMG PLC Manger, Menelik Aga said the agreement will enhance the process of importing the technology as quick as possible.

The major objective of importing this technology, PET/CT/Cyclotron, is critical to identify cancer at its initial stage before it becomes dangerous and untreatable.

“Our role is to create enough awareness and support the process to benefit Ethiopians,” he added.

According to Menelik, activities are underway to import the technology within the coming six months.

Ye Liwen from China Isotope and Radiation Corporation (CIRC) stated that “ bilateral cooperation in the field of nuclear technology application will not only benefit the health of the people but also makes the new comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and Ethiopia a model.”

Vice president and General Manager of Neusoft Medical system, Dan Zhang said Ethiopia has a great potential to be a health care hub in Africa and even beyond.

“However, as people working in the front line of fighting for better health care service we all know there are many challenges, one of them is how to lower the cost of service and at the same time improve the quality of it,” he pointed out.