Ethiopia Stands Firm as Ever to Maintain Peace, Economic Cooperation, Says New FM Gedu


Addis Ababa  May  22/2019  Ethiopia plays a pivotal role in maintaining peace and economic cooperation in the Horn of Africa and stands firm as ever in the realization of Agenda 2063, the newly appointed Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew said

In his first meeting with the diplomatic core today, Ethiopia’s 28th Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew said “the ongoing domestic political and economic reform in Ethiopia plays a multiplier effect on peace and security enhancement, regional economic development and integration.”

He described the Ethio-Eritrean rapprochement that put an end to the two decade no war no peace situation as “a major step in creating a strong region.”

Furthermore, Foreign Minister Gedu pointed out that the reform in opening the political and economic space is going in the right direction.

“The measures will undoubtedly lead to a substantial achievement in realizing our cherished goals of democratic governance,” he underscored.

Stating that the existing relationship with the diplomatic community in Ethiopia has been solid and constructive in promoting mutual benefits, Gedu added that this “needs to be enhanced to further strengthen and elevate it to a higher level that would match this new era.”

The minister assured the diplomatic community that he would exert the utmost effort to work closely in bilateral, regional and multilateral issues of common concern.