UN Undertakes Outreach on Peacekeeping Job Opportunities for Ethiopians


Addis Ababa  May 16/2019  Office of Human Resources of the United Nations Secretariat is undertaking an outreach and awareness raising training for Ethiopians to involve in peacekeeping operations and civilian staff.

In briefing journalists about the two-day training, UN Human Resources Officer Staffing, and Outreach Section Floresha Berisha said that the event is aimed at raising awareness about career and job opportunities specifically for peace operations.

“Ethiopia is the top contributing country in troops and police for peace operation and in recognition to that we hope that through this outreach event we raise awareness among the nationals of Ethiopia about jobs, careers with the United Nations,” she pointed out.

Stating that UN aims at having diverse, geographically and gender balanced workforce, Berisha noted “we would want that all the work force represent all people of the member states.”

She added that UN has gender gap specifically in peacekeeping missions.

“Therefore, we encourage qualified female candidates to apply for positions right now in the field of operations. We have ratio of 29 percent women and 71 percent men,” the Human Resources Officer pointed out.

Peace Support Training Center (PSTC) Deputy Commandant and Academic, Training Dean, Colonel Tamrat Andarge said that the outreach event demonstrates Ethiopia’s significant contribution to maintain international peace and security.

“Enhancing the involvement of Ethiopians both in the military and civilian jobs of the UN will further our commitment towards peace and security across the globe,” he added.