GARE Donates 34 Million birr for IDPs in Gedeo-Guji, Gonder Zones


Addis Ababa May 15 /2019 Global Alliance for the Right of Ethiopians donated over 34 million Birr to rehabilitate Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and returnees in Gedio-Guji and Gonder Zones.

Out of which 31, 400,700 would be provided to IDPs in Gedeo-Guji zones and 3 million to IDPs in Gonder Zone, Amhara Regional State.

The funding will assist people to rehabilitate in subsequent of the recent violence in the respective zones.

GARE and World Vision Ethiopia signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to identify common priorities including provision of shelter, livelihood, peace building and non-food items assistance IDPs and returnees.

The MoU aims at providing emergency response to internally displaced people and returnees of Gedio-Guji and Gondor Zones.  

Accordingly, GARE submitted novelty endowment check for donation to World Vision Ethiopia National Director, Edward Brown, to rehabilitate IDPs in Gedeo-Guji Zone and to Representative of Fundraising Committee for IDPs in Amhara Regional State, Getnet Alemu.