Ethiopia Set to Plant 4 Billion Tree Seedlings


Addis Ababa  May 9/2019 Ethiopia to embark on a massive tree planting project at the end of July, 2019, Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission disclosed.

The commission said some 4 billion trees slated to be planted in the summer and Ministerial committee led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been established to facilitate the planting of tree seedlings across the country.

A Technical committee under the auspice of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission has also been established alongside the committee.

Planting trees will not solve all the world’s pollution and climate issues, but it is something tangible that Ethiopia can make a big difference through afforestation.     

Ethiopia is, therefore, planning to plant 4 billion trees seedlings this summer, the commission indicated.

National Greening Campaign is scheduled to be conducted during the upcoming main rainy season to create public awareness to properly treat the seedlings that will be planted with a sense of ownership.

The campaign would help to cover 1 million hectares of land with forest as per the plan of the Second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II).

Some 3 billion seedlings are being developed in the government nursery while the rest is being developed in private nursery.