Round-table Discussion Evaluates “Ethiopia in the Wake of Political Reforms” Book


Addis Ababa April 19/2019 A round-table discussion held to gather inputs for entries to a book project that aims to evaluate the reform conducted in Ethiopia over a year was held today.

The discussion under the theme “Ethiopia in the Wake of Political Reforms” encompassed four areas, namely political reform, economic reform, federalism and nation building, and foreign policy and national security.

In the early session of the round-table discussion officials have presented the government’s perspective on the thematic areas.

Speaking on federalism and nation building, Gedion Themotios said Ethiopia has embarked on the political-economic reforms at the macro level. 

Noting that Ethiopia’s problems are structural and deep-rooted, he pointed out that the current wide-ranging transformation has to be consolidated in the institutional normative changes.

Gedion particularly emphasized that the reforms are rooted in changing laws, the structural framework and leadership with commitment to bring political liberalization.

Articulating the need for reforming the justice system, he stressed that continuous liberalization of institutions is vital.

Gedion further noted that “key focus has also been made on laying the foundation of institutional and normative frameworks for an inclusive and competitive political environment as well as modernizing the legal system.” 

On his part, Abebe Abebayehu said the key economic priorities have been set to build a sustainable, broad-based and market focused growth. 

According to him, economic reform cannot be detached from the political reform. The ongoing sweeping reform has given dual attention to market and production-based economic development. 

The current economic measures taken in the services sector such as telecommunications, logistics, aviation and others have been attracting domestic and foreign investors, he added.

Discussing foreign policy and national security, Markos Tekele said Ethiopia has been revitalizing its foreign policy following the reform to promote the country’s interest.

He added that the country has  normalized its  relationship with Eritrea and its effort to bring closer  the Great Horn of Africa has given a new momentum in Ethiopian diplomacy.

The book to be published by the Office of the Prime Minister will have 24 chapters by prominent Ethiopian and foreign scholars and academicians.