HPR Members Confident about Ability of New Ministers to Solve Conflicts, Ensure Rule of Law


 Adiss Ababa  April  18/2019  Members of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) said the appointment of the new foreign and defense ministries will have immense contribution to the ongoing reform.

HPR approved the appointment of three ministers nominated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today.

The legislators expressed their confidence in the reformists who they hoped will strengthen the executive body.

Chief Administrator of Oromia Regional State, Lemma Megerssa, and the former Chief Administrator of Amhara Regional State, Gedu Andargachew, considered as among the masterminds behind the reform were  appointed  as Minister of  Defense and Minister of Foreign Affairs, respectively.   

Speaking to ENA, Yosef Dama, members of the House of People’s Representatives, said the two are experienced leaders that have been working at various capacities with lion’s share in laying foundation for the historic reform.    

“Lema and Gedu have played a critical leadership role in the ongoing reform. I think their appointment at the ministerial posts is commendable and will bring changes,” Yosef stated.

According to him, Lema in particular has a long time experience in areas of peace and security. “He will solve the conflicts across the country effectively.” 

The newly appointed Foreign Minister, Gedu Andargachew, will give a fresh leadership in order to direct Ethiopia’s interest into a right direction at this time when the country has embarked on new foreign relations and diplomatic approach, he pointed out.

The other MP, Alemu Gebre said the two officials have been giving quality leadership in their respective regions following the reform, and added that their appointment at federal level will help to further consolidate the reform.

Despite the far-reaching reform, Ethiopia has been facing regrettable internal displacements and crises that have to be addressed swiftly, he added.

“In my opinion, the newly appointed officials have wide acceptance by the general public and I hope they will discharge their responsibilities and bring concrete results,” Alemu stated.

The MP urged the officials to give priority to prevalence of the rule of law, the absence of which has become a national threat in several parts of  the country.

HPR member Teferi Baba said the leaders nominated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed are expected to employ their leadership experience to solve the outstanding challenges the country is facing.

He stressed that Ethiopia needs strong leadership to ensure peace and tranquility and promote its global interest. “The appointments will provide solution for the challenges the country is currently facing.”