EPRDF Council Meeting Democratic, Participatory: Partner Organizations


Addis Ababa April 17/2019 Representatives of EPRDF partner organizations said the EPRDF Council meeting reached consensus that the reform underway in the country is on the right track, despite some challenges.

Briefing journalists about the two-day meeting, Harari National League Chairperson, Ordin Bedri, said  the participation of partner organizations for the first time, in accordance with the decisions passed by the 11th Congress of EPRDF, has allowed them to forward their ideas like never before.

“It has also allowed the partner organizations to contribute their share in building a democratic and prosperous nation in all political and economic matters,” he added.

Stating that the year-long reform has been fruitful in widening political space, stimulating the economy, and democratizing the country, Chairperson Ordin urged all the leaders in regional states to maintain rule of law.

Somali Democratic Party (SDP) Executive Committee member, Adam Farah said participation of the partner organizations will have impact on the decisions to be reached by the front.

“Implementation of decisions made in the congress signifies the prevailing change sought after the comprehensive reform,” he added.

Benishangul-Gumuz Peoples’ Democratic Party (BGPDP) Deputy Chairman, Ashadeli Hassen commended the participation of the partner organizations as “democratic.”

He stated that the council has discussed about deepening the achievements of the reform, while consensus has been reached to immediately ensure peace, rule of law, unemployment, and displacement.

Gambella Peoples’ Unity Democratic Movement (GPUDM) Chairman, Omod Ojulu said on his part the council’s meeting was democratic and  participatory.

As part of the comprehensive national reform, Omod said, four contending political parties are taking part in the regional state.

Afar National Democratic Party (ANDP) Deputy Chairperson, Awwal Arba said the number of participants of the partner organizations that has increased is a peculiar characteristics of the meeting.

He added that leaders at all levels need to carry out the responsibility entrusted upon them to maintain rule of law and preserve peace.

Stating that disputes are inevitable, Awwal noted that “they should always and ought to be resolved with dialogue.”

It is to be recalled that EPRDF on its 11th Congress allowed five executive members of each partner organization to take part in EPRDF meetings.