EPRDF Wraps Up its Regular Meeting


Addis Ababa April 17/2019 The Council of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) concluded its two-day regular session after deliberating on the progress of the sweeping national reform and evaluating organizational achievements.

In its deliberation the Council urged regional governments towards maintaining national unity and carryout constitutional responsibility, according to a statement issued by office of the Front.

With regard to upholding rule of law, the council called upon regional states “to enforce their constitutional obligations” while appreciating the reforms undertaken within the security and justice system to maintain unity over the last months.

According to the statement,  those activities towards broadening the stifled political  space has brought a commendable saying the activities of competing parties is on the right track since all political parties have signed  covenant that governs their relationships.

EPRDF has put in place the direction to discharge its responsibility in line with the covenant; the statement urged all other competing political parties to pursue a peaceful struggle in the effort of realizing multi-party system by respecting the constitution order of the country.

Noting democracy and leadership unity with the EPRDF circle, the statement said the council has made a concrete discussion in order to solve the uncertainty among the sister parties and as well as the leadership.

The council made also deliberation and evaluated the measures to stimulate the economy has been positively impacting in order to boost foreign exchange reserves.  

However, the council underlined on the need of many efforts and bringing structural solutions to tackle the growing unemployment rate and shortage of foreign currency as well as reduce debt burden were not addressed so far.

Acknowledging those endeavors to enhance the participation of youth and ensure their political engagements, the Council underscored that since the setbacks are intense they have not yet benefited from the changes as looked-for.

In this regard, EPRDF has decided to strengthen its effort to address the youth grievances for the coming budget year.

The statement also noted that the need to consolidate those activities on the ongoing reform process to respond to grievance of the people circulating following maladministration in the country. 

Appreciating the measures on the security and justice sectors, the council evaluated that the action has saved the country from the threat of disintegration was posed by danger. 

However, the need to ensure rule of law has become imperative adding that the government and the security forces should discharge the responsible to ensure the wellbeing of the people.