Workshop Discussing Ways of Implementing Reintegration of Returnees


 Addis  Ababa  April 16/2019 A workshop that discusses the implementation of the Reintegration Directive issued by the Government of Ethiopia on September 2018 opened today.

The two-day workshop has brought together stakeholders from governmental and nongovernmental organizations aims to create awareness on the implementation of the directive and develop a road map that would help to reintegrate the returnees through holistic approach at federal and local level.

In his opening remark, Agency for Refugees and Returnees Affairs Deputy Director-General Eyob Awoke said Ethiopia has been making efforts to sustainably reintegrate returnees.

Lack of roadmap is one of the challenges to implement the directive in effective manner to which the  workshop will give emphasis, he added.

EU Delegation Migration Team Leader, Sabrina Bazzanella said on her part the workshop will offer opportunity for exchange of ideas and experience of various stakeholders on the policy and operations of reintegration.

Despite the fact that Ethiopia made a concrete step to reintegrate returnees through developing  the directive, a lot remains to institutionalize the process of reintegration, she stated.

Reintegration is a multidimensional process, she noted, emphasizing the need to have a holistic approach to address the socio-economic and psychological needs of returnees.