Kenyan Helicopter Battling Wildfire in Semein Mountains Nat’l Park


Addis Ababa April 14/2019 Kenya’s firefighting helicopter that has the capacity to hold 1200 liters of water starts sprinkling on a blaze that rage the Semein Mountains National Park.

The helicopter and 12 Israeli wildfire experts have arrived this morning at the national park to support the eradication process of the wildfire raging in the national park.

As wildfire has been ravaging the Semein national park for a couple of weeks, Ethiopia has called the international community for support to contain and extinguish the blaze. 

Though the park is an abode for peculiar Waliya Ibex and Gelada baboon beyond its trendy tourist destination, the park is burning out for weeks.

The blaze has become difficult to prevent due to the jagged topography, but it doesn’t raging the nearby residents and wildlife including the Gelada baboon, Waliya Ibex and Ethiopian Wolf, according Ethiopian Wild Life Conservation Authority

However, the Authority announced experts are learning the general damage of the wildfire.

The Semein Mountains National Park which covers about 412 hectare of land fire has blazed last March but Ethiopia managed to control it.