Some 699 Kebeles Freed from Harmful Traditional Practices


Addis Ababa April 13/2019 Some 699 lower echelons in various parts of the country have been freed from harmful traditional practices within a year, the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth said.

In a press briefing she gave today, the Minister Yalem Tsegay said the achievement is the result of vigorous activities that aimed to end harmful traditional practices, which undermine the rights and wellbeing of women and girls.

She said that the integrated work conducted in collaboration with stakeholders on the 699 kebeles, where female genital mutilation and early marriage were prone, helped to free the areas from these practices.

Afar, Amhara and Somali regional states are home to most of the 699 kebeles that are freed from harmful traditional practices.

Community elders, religious leaders, representatives of local administrations and civil society organizations have actively took part in the efforts aimed to end the practices by improving the public’s awareness on the negative impact of such practices, she added.

Learning from the best experience that the Ministry got from the achievement in these kebeles, Yalem said activities to end harmful traditional practices in other areas will continue in an integrated way.