Need for Strong, Independent Media Institutions Stressed


Addis Ababa April 09/2019 Strong and independent media institutions that implement the media law and realize freedom of the press in Ethiopia are badly needed, International Policy Head of Fojo Media Institute said.  

Addressing a Conference on Promoting Journalism and Democracy in Practice, Head of International Policy at Fojo Media Institute today, Lars Tallert said strong institutions, organizations and associations that can actually implement the media law are badly needed.

To achieve the goal, “we need a strong independent judiciary system with strong independent regulatory system; we need strong independent media council, editors’ forum, media owners association, journalist union, broadcaster association, among others”, he added.

According to him, media professionals need to fight for media freedom, independence and not least media professionalism, even when they are in place.

Tallert stressed that the duty of journalism is to hold people in power into account when they abuse their power that comes with responsibility, just as freedom of expressions comes with responsibility to listen.

Swedish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Torbjorn Pettersson said on his part the media have enormous potential and important role to play in every aspect of the country`s ambition.

Independent media play key role in good governance and democratization, he said, adding that they also provide voice, freedom of expression and pluralism, he noted.

Deputy Attorney General Gedion Timothios said without freedom of expression, there cannot be a free society. Without freedom of expression, there cannot be a democratic society; and without freedom of press there cannot be freedom of expression.

“Freedom is not lawlessness; liberty is meaningful only if it is ordered liberty, liberty enjoyed in the framework of laws that balance rights and responsibilities,” General pointed out.

Media personnel, law professionals, and activists are in attendance of the two-day Conference on Promoting Journalism and Democracy in Practice.