INSA to Protect Upcoming Census from Cyber Attack


Addis Ababa March 04/2019 Information Network Security Agency (INSA) will only play the crucial role of protecting census data from cyber attack, Central Statistical Agency (CSA) Director-General Biratu Yigezu said.

Responding to a question raised by one of the participants of a panel discussion organized by CSA, he dismissed the allegation that the census software was developed by INSA.

The software was not in the first place developed locally, Biratu said, adding that CSA customized the software developed by U.S Census Bureau that has been successfully used in different countries to conduct census.

He, however, underlined the important role that INSA will play in protecting the data from cyber attack since the upcoming population and housing censes is digitalized.

The director-general gave assurance to the public that the census will undoubtedly be reliable and credible.