Victory of Adwa Set Stage for African Freedom Struggle: Kenyan President


Addis Ababa March 02/2019 Ethiopia’s decisive victory at Adwa affirmed and set the stage for the beginning of Africa’s freedom struggle from colonialism, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said.

Ethiopians have been colorfully celebrating the 123rd anniversary of the victory of Adwa in which it defeated Fascist Italy.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is in Ethiopia for official visit, said the victory of Adwa sparked the global Pan-African Movement.

The president said the victory inspired the entire African countries for freedom struggle against colonialism.  

Ethiopia was brought to the attention of the world in 1896 when the African country defeated Italy, a European country, at the Battle of Adwa.

According to Kenyatta, this great victory has been a source of inspiration for struggles for freedom throughout the pan-African world.

He added that Adwa has important lessons for Africans in their resistance against oppression and galvanizing unity among Africans.

The president also appreciated Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s leadership who has been exerting maximum effort to integrate the East African region.

Prime Minister Abiy said on his part Adwa is one of the great victories that our “forefathers paid much scarifies for a strong and united Ethiopia.”

He further urged the youth to tolerate one another in the spirit of Adwa victory.