Gov’t Zero Tolerance for Endangering Ethiopia’s Unity, Warns PM Abiy


Addis Ababa February 01/2019 “We will take irreversible measures against anyone that endangers Ethiopia’s unity, peace, and development,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.

In responding to questions raised by members of the House of Representatives in a special parliamentary session today, Premier Abiy said the government is showing maximum patience to ensure further widening of the political space.

However, Abiy noted “when it comes to the unity, peace, democracy and development of Ethiopia, we will never harbor similar patience or sit for negotiations.”

He added that “anyone can criticize the ineffectiveness of the government by any means of expression,” but he said “we will not maintain unabated patience on matters of national unity.”

Political space has relatively been wider than before, Abiy said, and added, “Parties seem to be short of their breath because the usual blame fixing as the government has opened the political space.”

He urged political parties to practice inner party real democracy within their leadership to at least demonstrate their capability of leading the country.

Abiy emphasized that multiple and differing voices should be heard in the House of Peoples Representatives to ensure democracy in all its aspects in Ethiopia.

“To be heard is the demonstration of democracy in no less than what many consider wining leadership as the only democratic way,” he articulated.