Partners Vowed to Support Ethiopia’s National Adaptation Plan


Addis Ababa January 23/2019 International development partners have pledged to support Ethiopia’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP), which is adopted to realize Climate-Resilient Green Economy strategy in 2017.

The partners have expressed their readiness today at a day-long Ethiopia’s National Adaptation Plan Review meeting held under the theme supporting the transition to implementation.

World Bank, World Food Program (WFP), Care Ethiopia, and the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) are the main partners that have shown their interest to support the plan.

The plan has strategic priorities of mainstreaming climate change adaptation into development policies, plans and strategies, building long-term capacities of institutional structures.

Moreover, implementing effective and sustainable funding mechanisms, advancing research and development in the area of climate change adaptation are also the other major prior agenda under the NAP.

Speaking at the assembly Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commissioner, Professor Fikadu Beyene said Ethiopia has recently completed its National Adaptation Plan and is preparing to implement it in the coming Ethiopian fiscal year.

While preparation is intensifying to successfully implement the plan, high intervention of partners and donors is needed to achieve it, he said.

He said that the plan is an effort to bring about transformational change in the country’s capacity to address the adverse impact of climate change.

 In this regard, he added, the commission has organized today’s assembly to brief the update information about the progress of the plan and inform its preparation to implement.

 One of the donors and partners of the Plan, UNDP’s Program Specialist, Wubua Mekonnin said the program is engaging to provide any assistance for the success of the plan.

The United Nations Development Program supports the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) as it is the gate way to achieve Ethiopia’s Climate-Resilient Green Economy Strategic Plan.

Team Leader on Climate Solutions Services at World Food Program, Rupak Manvatkar said the WFP supports the realization of the adaptation plan as the plan is very aligned with the national strategy.

Among the main strategies identified for the adaptation, which are focused on agriculture, forestry, health, transport, power, industry, water and urban, agriculture is the concern of the WFP to realize in Ethiopia.

According to the Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission the annual 6 billion USD fund for the plan is expected to be raised from a combination of financing sources, including public and private, as well as domestic and international partners.